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Name: Kent O’Doherty

Instrument: Saxophone // Soprano down to Baritone

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Teachers: Graeme Shilton and Tom de Vette...I’m pretty sure I was a real pain

When I was a teenager: I discovered that you can do whatever you want in music. There are no rules except the ones that you choose.

The saxophone is: The most honest form of expression I have.

Practice is: Where I confront limitations and attempt to move beyond all positives and negatives.

Performing is: Creating an environment in which the audience can feel transported

My best ideas come when: I am walking my dog...also when I get out of my own way

The music that has meant the most to me: Music that does not apologize for itself and displays the utmost vulnerability of its’ creator.

I chose the saxophone: Because I was too young to play trumpet (Dizzy Gillespie on The Muppet Show), plus it was shiny

Fear is: What you need to know when you’re moving in the right direction

Change is: Constant……and necessary

I never understood: Why someone would want to look, sound, act or be like someone else

What makes me happy: Being my best self to others and uncompromising with myself


I always: Have to do things my way….it never really feels right to use things I did not discover – even if someone has already found them 100 years ago

When I am stuck: I go small and then smaller

Discipline is: Is what got me here and will get me to where I am going

I will thank: The people who have been against me as much as the people who have helped me…almost as much

My future will be: A combination of skill and fortune…